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The 39-th Annual Science Fiction Convention of Japan
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The 39th Japan Science Fiction Convention

5(Sat.)-6(Sun.) August 2000 AD

at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama JAPAN


  1. Remit the designated amount of money to the following bank account:
    CITIBANK, N.A., Shinjuku-Minamiguchi Branch
    Ordinary Account No.: 5381XX
    Account Name: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx

    Please keep the bank receipt as evidence of payment.

  2. Membership Rates:
    Adult full attending membership:
    Until Dec. 31, 1999US $140.-
    Until Apr. 30, 2000US $155.-
    Until Jun. 30, 2000US $170.-
    On the door22,000 Yen
    (The above dates refer to the remittance date)

    Supporting membership: US $55.-
    (The supporting membership can be changed
    to a full attending membership at any time
    by paying the balance.)

Please send the application form to the Committee at the following address:

The 39th Japan Science Fiction Convention Committee
Acceptance Dept.
Tsurukawa P. O. Box # XXX.
Tokyo, 195-XXXX, JAPAN

DEADLINE: July, 05, 2000
Please do not send cash nor check directry, thank you.


Please fill out the following form.
Print clearly, block letters preferred.

Family Name: ________________________________________________

Given Name: ________________________________________________

Pen Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Sex: (Circle one) Male / Female

Date of Birth: (optional) YYYY/MM/DD _______________________________________

Occupation: ________________________________________________





ZIP Code: ________________________ Country: _________________________

Telephone No.: ________________________________________________

Tele-FAX No.: ________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________

I give you permission to use my application data for future cons.:(Circle one) Yes / No

Application Category:(Circle one) Full-attending / Supporting

Remittance date: YYYY/MM/DD _______________________________________

for the handicapped

Pacifico Yokohama convention center is a barrier-free facilities. If there is anything about your disabilities we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to inform us. One attendant can accompany a participant free of charge.

Name of your attendant, if one will accompany you.

Family Name: ________________________________________________

Given Name: ________________________________________________

The name of the attendant can be changed at anytime.

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